Monday, June 29, 2009

Questions I Ask the World

Feel free to answer them...

*Who was it that made the decision that we need material things to survive and be happy in this world?

*Who was it that stated that we should use our feelings (i.e., hatred, anger, envy) to control our actions?

*Who was it that stated that we need to be stereotypical and show prejudice towards others in order to lift ourselves to a higher plateau?

*Why do we have to follow an “enlightened” individual, who is identical to us in every aspect, in order to find ourselves? Do they have an answer which we are too weak or fragile to find ourselves?


  1. As we are raised in a particular society we are injected various ideas into our system. Starting from home and family, then in school with our peers; We eventually begin to perceive the world via the relativity our cytoplasm is familiar with...

    Whats good enough for A maybe insufficient for B. Apart from the factor of individuality, there is also the effect of the environment on our originality.

    As for following other individuals, they are mostly a role model we look up to. Every successful person would have a guiding star. Some are privileged to have parents as their iconic mentors while others need to look beyond the nest to find them. Either way, we are all Unique and potential individuals to becoming worthy human beings.

  2. Very insightful.. I can say that I had to venture out of the nest in order to find the clarity and the reality that lied outside of the bubble that I believed to be reality. I have tried, and still am trying, to shed off the various coats of ignorance that have clouded my judgment and perspectives for years. Through a great mentor and some positive outreach, I have found various ways to erase some ignorance from my mind each and every day. I have also learned that there is truth to the phrase that states (and I must paraphrase) "Life will give you exactly what you are looking for."
    I have been blessed to come in contact with many enlightened individuals like yourself and so many others who have shown me new perspectives and opened my eyes to new realms of the world. Thanks for your insight!

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  4. Blogger Sherleta said...

    I think your questions to the world are best answered by the world. It's interesting the separation of secular vs. divine. Several of the secular ideas today stem from ideas established in the beginning of time. For example, the seven deadly sins "Lust", "Gluttony", "Greed", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy", and "Pride". All of which in this world are yet choices. These sins are clearly sins, because if we investigate the status of the world most of the crime and sickness stem from them. Sowing all sorts of negativity and the evil/vices of the world.

    I think it is safe to say in some respects we can make our own choices, but in others we don't have that luxury. I believe our society/environment has led many to believe that what we encounter is all that there is. It isn't until we seek better for ourselves that we realize that the world we are living in isn't all to life. At some point we realize the world we are living in can be sculpted and perfected based upon what we believe.

    To a certain extent I don't believe we "follow" other individuals we more so "join" them. I think it is safe to say we follow our hearts.

  5. Agreed we always don't have the choice in all walks of Life. Its a VERY common phenomena here in the East. Added to the Economy playing a major role, Ignorance plays an even more insidiously profound role. Eg- Many potential students are deprived of a tertiary education they deserve, however, are compelled to settle for less simply cos their parents can't afford it. This is So sad as it is unfair. I guess, certain unreasonable scenarios simply got no justification. So is the inexplicable journey we call "Life".