Thursday, January 15, 2009

The "Glass Ceiling" Challenge

“Stop looking at what you ain’t got and start being thankful for what you do got!” – Live Your Life by T.I.

Why do we envy people who are successful? There are many times where we look at the “fortunes” of other individuals and become frustrated at the fact that we do not have as much as other people. We live this life complaining about our misfortunes and our “bad luck” while also talking down on individuals that we encounter on an everyday basis. Read these questions and actually reflect and see when the last time that you asked or said such a thing was: A.) Look at the way (entertainer/actress/television personality) is dressed. Doesn’t he/she notice how ugly they look wearing that? B.) Why did he/she get that promotion instead of me? They were probably kissing up to the boss or talking bad about me to the higher-ups. I can’t stand him/her! C.) Nothing good ever happens to me! Why is it that all the good things always happen to the bad people?

Many people have thought these questions internally or different variations of it. They do not understand that these envious thoughts will never allow you to be successful in life. You will be angry at the world around you because you are never given what “you deserve.” I would personally like to issue a challenge to each and every person who has the opportunity to partake in it: Try to look at your life in a different perspective (for at least one day). Stop complaining about how bad your life or situation is at this moment. Stop worrying about the “fortunes” that every other person has and start caring about yourself. Throughout the day, look at yourself (every action, every word, every expression that you use) as if you were narrating your own story. Have something available to jot down how you react to everything that you come in contact with as soon as it happens; be it a traffic jam, the wind blowing in your face, someone else showing excitement or grief over a certain situation. At the end of the day, review your notes and analyze your responses (negative and positive) to each situation. This will help you realize that there are many situations, big or small, that you respond negatively to. Once you realize this, the only thing left to do is work on minimizing the negative responses and maximizing the positive responses.

I would hope that every one of you would try this, but I do understand that you have to be personally motivated to do so. The reason I am asking you to do this is because I can feel the pain and agony in most of your souls that cries out for success and happiness. I do believe that it can be the first step into receiving all of the “fortunes” that are available to you. I would also like to emphasize the fact that the “fortunes” I speak about are in quotations because I am not talking about billions of dollars, even though I know that most of you will be able to attain a grand amount of monetary wealth through positive motivation. “Fortune” for one person is not the same for another; some will feel satisfied and accomplished by a loving family, others by traveling throughout the world. I believe that you will achieve your “fortunes” (whatever it may mean to you) once you truly take the time out to find yourself and your purpose in life. Remember to leave your comments and insight on the ways that you were positively affected by the challenge. Your successful accomplishments will motivate everyone else to do the same. Like always, I am always just a “Send Message” click away if you need me. Live life to its fullest, one day at a time!

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