Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hold on... Where You Going?

**I had a certain topic that I wanted to discuss with everyone but I honestly could not place things into writing because I felt that I needed to gain further insight into the mindset of each and every one of you. After careful consideration, I decided to go ahead and write this motivational piece with a general sense of what you all are going through and how we can all move forward in this world.**

I have many conversations throughout the day and there is one thing that comes to mind after hearing many of these conversations, “I am not content/happy!” There is something in our life (sometimes many things) that does not let us enjoy the present moment, hard work, and dedication that we are putting forth. There is always a person, job, class, or bill that always haunts us and makes it difficult for us to put on a smile and keep moving forward. Just because I write these motivational pieces does not mean that I am not susceptible to this. I am also a person who becomes affected by the situation and let my feelings and emotions get the best of me. At the present moment, I am going through a difficult time with one of my jobs. I can feel a cloud of negativity and anger loom once I enter into the building. There is fear around every corner, the “dog eat dog” mentality runs wild because the company is going bankrupt, and nobody seems to be happy in life. I feel that all of my energy is suffocated out of my body because I just cannot find a way to bring some positive energy into their lives and therefore make it a more relaxed environment. This is very similar to many situations that you all are feeling. Some may have a relationship or ex-relationship that is making them feel this way; others may be getting stressed out by a class or professor that they are taking or by the fact that they do not know what they want to do with their professional lives; and then there are others who are swamped with debt that is making them question their own life (like the unfortunate murder-suicide in L.A.); but the one thing that we all have in common is that we let these situations cloud or judgment and run our lives.

The one thing that I have asked myself is, “When is enough, really enough.” How can we actually let go of the thing(s) that stop us from being content? It’s impossible isn’t it? Not so. I believe that sometimes in life we have to let go of things very close to us in order to feel content in life. I am not saying that in all situations we have to let go of the person, job, etc. that is affecting us. Sometimes we have to do other things like letting go of the past or believing in ourselves. There are also times where we can assist in making the situation positive and worthwhile. But when none of that works, what do we do next? You have to have some strong faith in yourself to believe that you will be a better individual by letting go. You might stress about not having money to pay the bills or being alone. If you believe in yourself, another opportunity will soon arise where you will most likely be have the money and security necessary to feel fortunate and content.

My belief is, and has always been, that everything in life happens for a reason and everything is right where it is supposed to be. Therefore, every path that you are on is a journey for you to find your true calling in life. Your job is to find out if the path will take you to your true calling or if you have to jump off of that path and get on another one. Therefore, if you can’t fix the situation or make it a more positive experience then you have to leave that path behind and follow your intuitions into a path better fit for you to make the most out of life. Remember to leave your comments and insight. Your successful accomplishments will motivate everyone else to do the same. Like always, I am always just a “Send Message” click away if you need me. Live life to its fullest, one day at a time!

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