Friday, January 9, 2009

Stay Positive A.K.A. The Cheese Steak Chronicles

Is there possibly a way to always see the glass as half full?  How is it possible?  How can we live our life full of happiness and joy with so much turmoil all around us?  It is very simple; you have to always stay positive.  A positive mind frame will help you get through the “drama” that unfolds in our everyday life.  Like I stated in my previous writings, we will never achieve true happiness if we constantly walk around hovered by a cloud of negativity.  I know you might think, “Come on man, that’s some bull!  You don’t know everything that I am going through.  It’s easy to say it but when you are going through a tough situation, you will see the reality!”  Well actually, I have lived through rough situations and am actually going through one right now but that does not mean that I will not have a positive mind frame.  I quit some high paying jobs (which actually brought extreme stress into my life), I was unemployed for most of 2008 with a one year old daughter and a newborn son, I currently have two part time jobs, went back to school full-time (mostly on student loans), and am in jeopardy of getting some possessions reposed.  My life isn’t easy but I don’t live ever second in stress and depression about what is going happen to me or my kids.  I know deep down inside that everything happens for a reason and all will fall into place when the time is right!  So when I tell you to stay positive, I am not being a hypocrite who has his life set and all is well!

This motivational piece came about through an interesting conversation I had with a co-worker.  Through this conversation I learned that anything that we encounter in life can help us change our negativity and allow us to Stay Positive.  We were talking about a multitude of things, mostly revolving around positive energy and some things from my previous pieces (like Everything is Possible and there is no reason to be angry or negative).  You would think that I motivated her to stay positive through these conversations, wouldn’t you?  Well during a break in our positive energy conversation we spoke about food and a local mall (Newport Mall).  Out of nowhere, I told her, “Wow you just made me think about the best cheese steaks around here at The Steak Escape in Newport Mall.”  She then explained to me the fact that she never had a cheese steak before and I sarcastically insisted that she would never be complete until she ate a cheese steak.  The conversation and my work day ended without me knowing that the wheels of positivity were in motion.

The next day when she came into work, she stated to me that the “Cheese steak conversation” took on a life of its own and she felt the urge to ask everyone she spoke to yesterday, “Have you ever had a cheese steak?”  She stated that some of her conversations were about negative issues in her life but through she was able to overlook them by just thinking about the “Cheese steak conversation.”  Instantly, a bulb shined in my head and I told her, “Damn I’m good!  Just kidding, but seriously that is crazy how my statement about a cheese steak helped you be positive the entire day.” 

Sometimes I write these motivational pieces as a way to motivate myself and all of you through some various insights into a different mindset.  While doing this, I forgot that my light-hearted and funny side also does that without me even trying to force the issue.  Simply, what I am trying to say is that we have to understand that our lives should not be overpowered by our negative feelings and that cloud that follows us everywhere.  You don’t have to go to an expert (e.g., therapist, psychologist) to find your positive mind frame.  You have the power to unlock that mind frame within yourself.  The only thing that you need to do is let go of the fear of letting go and taking control of your life.  You run your life; you can and are always making a choice.  You can choose to be positive and see all of the good things that life brings you or you can stay negative and stay with the constant anger, depression, and dis-ease that hovers over you.  Just remember that the choice is yours; “The ball is in your court!”  Remember to leave your comments and insight to the topic because WE motivate each other.  Like always, I am always just a “Send Message” click away if you need me.  Live life to its fullest, one day at a time!                

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