Friday, February 6, 2009

Stop Being a Hypocrite!

I usually post writings on line that have to deal with motivation and spirituality but I am going to take this opportunity to “vent” on our society. When did we turn into a large conglomerate of hypocrites? I have become sick to my stomach with the news these past couple of days. Every single time I turn on this alleged “informational” show I have to hear these news anchors talk about the Michael Phelps “marijuana scandal.” I am not sick of the fact that this is the exclusive story that begins all the newscasts; I am sick of hearing these anchors, sports analysts, writers, talk about how it is “inappropriate behavior” and that he should “know that he is a role model for little kids.” I want to make one thing perfectly clear, YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF IGNORANT HYPOCRITES. I get so upset at the fact that many of these anchors or “analysts” talk down on celebrities or athletes when they get arrested or it becomes revealed that they use marijuana or drink alcohol. I say this because most of these individuals are probably doing the same, or more severe, things. These are the individuals who smoke weed or cigarettes and drink gallons of alcohol to “cope.” These are the individuals who snort coke lines like if there were no tomorrow. These are the individuals who verbally, physically, or emotionally abuse loved ones; these are the individuals who have psychological break downs; but then again, they are the ones criticizing Michael Phelps because of a photo that was taken in 2008! I mean seriously is there nothing of relevance to discuss in this world that everyone has to bash on Phelps and act as if they do not have any skeletons in their closet.

If there is anyone in this world that can talk unbiased about a subject such as drugs it would be me. I have never tried drugs and never plan on doing so. There is not enough time in the day for me to bother with doing it. I rarely drink (maybe twice a year) and when I do I only have one serving because I don’t drink to get wasted. Therefore, I believe that I could defend Phelps without anyone trying to say it is because I am about the same age as him and I enjoy the “high life.” This is not the reason that I am venting; I am venting because I will soon be an educator inside a classroom full of young children who will trust me and listen to my advice (hopefully). I do not want to be a hypocrite like these individuals because many kids see how their parents talk about the Phelps situation and then see them fight each other or abuse substances and think “Why should I believe anything they say?” At the same time, many of these young kids are already taking drugs and will become even more rebellious against society because they see the hypocrisy within it. Therefore, why am I going to bash them or Phelps because of their drug/alcohol use? The only thing that I can do is educate these individuals about the harms of those substances and try to minimize their risky behavior and hopefully stop it all together. This is the reason that I call the Phelps bashers ignorant hypocrites because they don’t understand the ways that their words and actions are negatively affecting our youth.

I am going to have to side with Lil’ Wayne (as much as you all will not want to) on a certain quote that he made that pertains to this situation. Many individuals are bashing on Phelps because he is “supposed to be a role model” but as Lil’ Wayne stated in an interview with Katie Couric: “I’m not an example for people on how to live their lives, and never in my life would I set out to be an example for people on how to live their lives. If you need an example on how to live, then you shouldn’t have been born!” Weezy is absolutely right and I agree with him 100%. Why is it that every celebrity or athlete has to take on the responsibility of being the “role model?” I believe it is because parents are scared of taking on such an important responsibility. That is why we see so many rebellious children who have horrible relationships with their families. First, a parent is supposed to be the role model for their child. They are supposed to set the example instead of waiting for another individual to set one for them. Second, society should spend less time trying to make children follow “role models” and spend more time letting them be individuals. I could not imagine telling my kids, “Hey you see that guy/girl on the TV? I want you to be just like him/her!” The parents, family members, or friends that do this are creating a world full of followers (who will succumb to peer pressure) and destroying the sense of individuality that will enable everyone to be an INDIVIDUAL! Let’s stop being hypocrites and starting being honest!

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