Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Gift from Me to You

I stumbled upon one of the universes greatest discoveries yesterday and I want to share it with all of you.  Before I do, let me ask everyone a question.  Have you ever felt like trading your life for someone else’s?  Are you feeling that way now?  I feel you!  Another person’s life is looking pretty damn good right about now!  What if I told you that the greatest discovery is a way to turn your life into that other person’s?  Yes it is true, I have found the way to transform your life into the great life of “that other person” and I am going to share it with all of you FREE OF COST!!  If you’re interested then read on; if not, then keep searching for it!

“No more stress, now I’m straight.  Now I get it, now I take time to think before I make mistakes just for my family sake.  That part of me left yesterday; the heart of me is strong today.  No regrets I’m blessed to say the old me dead and gone away.” –“Dead and Gone” T.I.

For those that want my special gift to all of you, here you go.  The great discovery was that the only way to turn your life into that other person’s life is to: LIVE YOUR LIFE and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  WTF???  “Damn Joel you tricked me!  This isn’t a gift, this won’t even work!”  That is the energy that I feel right now as you read these words.  You might not believe me but this actually works and I can prove it to you.  You can call this a personal post because I will share my story to you and make you see the truth behind my discovery.  For those who do not know, I am a 25 year old, father of two, stepfather of 1, full-time college student, who works three jobs and doesn’t have time to exhale.  I have more debt than income, but my kids have a home, clothes, and food, which is the only thing that matters.  None of my jobs pertain to my field of study and one of the companies is actually going bankrupt.  Wow, depressing isn’t it?  Not for me!  I can honestly say that I have NO stress, NO worries, NO regrets and am actually 120% better off now than I have ever been.  I am living my life how I want to live it, not how someone else wants me to live it.  I am able to see my children almost every day and spend some quality moments with them.  I enjoy every minute of every day, even if I am stuck in a job full of negative energy or if I have piles of homework to do! 

The OLD Joel was completely opposite from what I am now.  I would have probably died of heart problems if I would have stayed on the path I was in.  I had a high paying managerial job for a retail company (that gave me stress and actual sickness every day and night), had money in the bank (that would be spent on unnecessary luxuries), always envied people who had more than me, and wished to be rich and successful (which was not who I really was).  I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and at risk of having a heart disease in the fall of 2007.  I made a decision that same day to change everything and do a complete 180 because I felt that I had something better to give to my daughter and the world in general.  Now you see me walking around with a smile on my face most of the time.  I am happy, healthy, and do everything within my power to enjoy my life.  I might be poor when it comes to money, but I am rich with knowledge and motivation.  I know one thing and that is the fact that I come first and the monetary success will come after.  Little by little I am doing things in life to get me closer to my true goal in life and all of you will experience it.  My goal is to make a positive impact on each and every one of you so that this world becomes more influential and unified!

The message I am trying to send across to you is that you have to live your life and enjoy it.  Why are you going to live your life through your feelings (envy, anger, fear, guilt, remorse)?  Why are you going to let someone else live your life for you?  Why are you going to accept the “given” as reality without doing anything to change it?  We all have the power in us to change this “reality” and to move into a new dimension of true reality.  Do not let another individual or your own mind tell you what is supposed to happen to you; as a matter of fact, ignore them when they try to do this.  Drop your old self off and leave him/her behind because they do not need to come along with you for the ride.  Your past is exactly that and there is nothing to change it so stop trying to.  Do not regret anything that occurred to get you to this point because it all helped you to be who you are now.

So my gift to you is this little exercise:  1.) Look at what has occurred in your life and be thankful for it because you wouldn’t be here without it;  2.) Look up and thank the Source (God, Allah, etc.) for giving you the consciousness to realize that the only “reality” is the one that you create; 3.) Thank your feelings and other individuals for the challenge of trying to stop you from being “realistic;” and, 4.) Start living YOUR life and ENJOY every single minute of it!

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