Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Recession?

“No need to cherish luxuries, because everything comes and goes.  Even the life that you have is borrowed, because you’re not promised tomorrow.  So live your life as if every day is going to be your last.  Once you move forward, can’t go back.  Just repent to remove your past.” – Ghetto, Akon

During the past couple of weeks, I have been reading various posts online about the topic of Optimism.  Many individuals have been discussing the optimism that can be found on various social networks (ie, Facebook, Twitter).  The overall consensus states that these feelings of optimism are ignorant and not valid because of the “rough times” that are occurring in the United States, and the world as a whole, at the present moment.  I am very optimistic and do not think of myself as being ignorant because of it.  I, just like everyone else in the world, may be ignorant in many things (because no one knows everything) but I do believe that there is no reason to be pessimistic, especially now.

The pessimist nature is created through our mentality that we need to have the best, newest, top of the line products that are shown to us by the “experts.”  We become doubtful, angry, and depressed when we cannot purchase these products.  This in turn makes us envy other individuals (who have what we want) and belittle the rest (individuals who do not have what we have or want).  You may not realize it right away because it is an automatic response to what we see.  Once you realize it, you can change your entire pessimistic mentality into one that will allow you to do the most important thing possible, LIVE YOUR LIFE.  You will understand that no luxury will ever fulfill your wants and therefore there is no reason to worry about them.  Like Akon stated, there is no reason to worry about them because even the life that you have is not yours and will go back to the Source once your time is up.  If you don’t live your life, then you’re just wasting energy that could be used productively. 

In all honesty, these are some hard times that we are living through now and I am not trying to mask it.  What I am trying to convey is the fact that we can live positively through this Recession.  We have all been placed on this earth to succeed and sometimes the darkest path helps us get to our destiny.  Remember that your perception is reality; if you look at the world through pessimistic lenses, then you will only see failure.  The only way to succeed in life is to be optimistic and understand that you will succeed at everything that you put all of your energy towards!  If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t worry because I believe in you and sooner or later that belief will rub off on you!  Remember that and leave your comments and insight to the topic because WE motivate each other.  Like always, I am always just a “Send Message” click away if you need me.  Live life to its fullest, one day at a time!   

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